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Low Wagering Free Spins

One of the most popular areas at both online and traditional casinos are the slot machines. They are the easiest to participate in and the easiest to win for gamblers. Not to mention, it's the easiest area in the casino to get addicted to. With so many hours spent sitting at a slot machine, you can go through your whole bank account without even knowing. With that being the case casinos use that as an opportunity to give free spins as bonuses. The idea of being able to take a chance at winning thousands of dollars for free would be appealing to anyone. Nothing in life, however, is ever truly free as the saying goes. With free spins come low wagering requirements. It sounds like a pain but is actually not as bad as it seems. Below we take a look at what lower wagering requirements are and how they affect bonuses with free spins.

What are Free Spins?

Getting an opportunity to get free spins is as good as a child getting free candy. To bring in new players and keep frequent players loyal casinos use bonuses as a tool for marketing and promotion for their site. With free spins, you get the chance to win a ton of money on your favorite slot machine without using up all of your money or worrying about going over your set budget. Players also can take advantage of trying out new slots that they aren't sure if they'd like without having to worry about wasting their time and money if they don't like the game. The only negative aspect that one can find with having this bonus is the wagering requirements and trying to figure out if they are high or low.

Ways to Get Free Spin Bonuses

There are quite a few ways that players can win low wagering free spins from the casino. The first way is by simply signing up to be an official member of the casino. Some casinos use the spins in their welcome package as a way to persuade new players to come in and play. All you would have to do is sign up with your email address and apply the code when your first log in. After you meet the wagering requirements, of course, you would receive the bonus. Another way that you could win spins as a bonus is by simply playing your favorite slots. Most of the time, casinos will give away spins to players who frequent the casino, or they may give free spins as prizes if the slot machine is a featured slot for a certain period of time.

Another way that players can get spin bonuses is by joining the casino's loyalty program if they have one. Loyalty programs and VIP programs give away many bonus spins either as appreciation or automatically depending on which tier of the program they are on. The higher the person reaches in tiers the more low wagering free spins they can receive.

Free Spins and Wagering Requirements

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Like with any opportunity with getting something for free you would naturally think that it's too good to be true. What's the catch? When it comes to gaining bonus opportunities with bonus spins or with any kind of bonus at a casino the catch is wagering requirements. Wagering requirements are certain stipulations that you have to meet before you can receive the winnings from your bonus. In the case of a bonus with free spins, the requirement would be a number of spins you have to play before you can receive any of the winnings you've earned. Some wager requirements may have you putting down a certain deposit before you can receive the winnings. The wage requirements can either be high wagering or low wagering. The requirements differ between casinos and the areas that they cater to. Casinos have to put wager requirements on their bonuses to keep people from taking advantage and only coming to the casino to get free bonuses.

What Do the Requirements Look Like?

Wage requirements vary depending on the bonus amount, the casino, and what they feel is appropriate. The number of playthroughs that you have to do before you can receive your winnings determines whether it's high or low wagering. The lowest wage possible is 1x and the highest is typically about 50x. Most of the time the wagering is done by tens, but some casinos are different. You can usually see it as 10x, 20x, and 30x for example. Another way to tell if there is low wagering attached to the bonus is to see if there is a deposit amount attached. In some cases, casinos attach deposits to their wagering requirements. This means that if you were to get a certain amount of free spins for a bonus the casino's low wagering requirement may be so many playthroughs plus a $20 deposit for instance. For some people, this may make the wagering igh and some people may not mind. If the wagering requirement doesn't involve a deposit or is a no deposit bonus some people will see that as a low wagering bonus. It all depends on the casino and the player's preference for what's low wagering.

How Does the Requirements Effect Your Bonuses?

Low wagering requirements being put on your bonus really aren't a problem once you start using your spins. If it's a slot machine you love you will go through the required spins before you even realize it. When you think about it you are actually saving money because low wagering requirements mean fewer times you have pay for playthroughs. This gives you more opportunities to win off of your actual bonus spins at your favorite slots. You can save more money and still be able to win a lot more money basically for free.

Choosing Slot Machines

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When trying to acquire free spin bonuses it really doesn't matter what machine you use unless that casino is having tournaments or bonus games on feature slot machines. Just about every online casino gives away spins as bonuses so your chances of receiving free spins with low requirements are pretty high. Casinos usually aren't known for putting restrictions on where you can use your bonuses, again unless there is a featured slot machine that they are trying to promote. Most of the time they encourage players to use the free spins at whatever slot they please as long as they meet the low wager requirements, especially if they are trying to promote a new game.

Things to Look Out For

Low Wagering Free Spins

There are some situations where you think you may have received a sweet deal but chances are there is some fine print that comes along with those bonus free spins. Lower wage requirements sometimes aren't the only things that you have to keep in mind while gambling. With some free spin bonuses, a deposit bonus may come with it. In a lot of cases with some casinos, they may give a low wagering requirement on the free spins but high wage requirement on the deposit bonus. There are also times where you may get free spins as a bonus but have to make a deposit into the slot machine with your own money. There are other instances where a casino will limit players to a certain amount of times to use up the bonus or you can only use the spins on featured slots. For example, they will limit players to 24 hours to use up a certain amount of free spins and complete the low wager requirements.