Advice on How to Use a Free Play Bonus

Coming across an excellent online casino promo that offers free cash can easily make anyone's heart run a bit quicker from excitement, but it can also make people wary. After all, why would a business that is obviously focused on making money give any of it away? While it might seem difficult to believe that gambling operators are willing to give away not just free spins but also free cash it really is true and happens every day; the reason for this is actually quite easy to understand: it is an excellent way to get people interested in joining and, hopefully, turn them into loyal players who can't get enough! Anyone who loves to play casino games online will see promotions that offer freebies on a regular basis but described differently. Perhaps you've come across a promotion that promises free play and you are wondering exactly how to use a free play bonus. If that is the case, keep reading for the answer.

What is a Free Play Bonus?


A free play bonus provides people with exactly what it says: it allows them to play for free, but knowing that alone does not tell you how to use a free play bonus. You can think of this offer as a no deposit promo since that is more or less what it is with a few notable differences. The two main differences here are that no deposit bonuses tend to be small but players generally get a lot more from a free play bonus and the time they get to use them; players will generally have an hour to use the bonus money that they get. This will probably make you wonder whether a free play bonus is right for you or you should just go for a no deposit offer instead. The answer to that question depends on various things but you should consider what you are getting and the requirements imposed on the offers in question before making a final choice. A free play promotion will allow you to get started at a site that is completely new to you without having to spend anything and that means that you can simply walk away from it without having lost anything at all if you do not like what you find.

How to Use a Free Play Bonus


There is no doubt that free play bonuses can be extremely beneficial to players who are new to online gambling and those with a lot of experience as well. There are a few steps that have to be taken when it comes to these types of promotions; here are the most important of these steps:

  • Create a New Account: This first step should be a given. You cannot play at an online casino without creating an account. Even if you not going to be sticking around for a significant amount of time, gambling operators want your email address to be able to send you future offers and this ensures that they get it. The good thing for you is that it only takes a few short minutes to do and you are going to get to play for free in return! Always use real information so that there are no issues later on when you try to cash out winnings and are asked to provide ID.
  • Terms and Conditions: Whether you are thinking about getting your hands on a free offer or any other type of promotion, it is always a good idea to read the terms and conditions completely to fully understand what you are about to agree to. Most gambling operators are fair when it comes to these terms and conditions, but you can't be too careful.
  • Claim your Promotion: Once you have created your new player account at the site in question and read through the relevant terms and conditions, you will want to claim and activate your free play promotion. This might be as simple as clicking a button on the promotions page although you might have to contact customer support at times.
  • Start Playing! You will have a specified time to play with the free cash from your promotion so you will want to focus and make the best of it. Most of these types of promotions will allow you to play all or most of the games at the site and, hopefully, you will manage to make some money and get to cash it out if you comply with all the terms and conditions.

Keep an Eye on Restrictions

Now that you know how to use the promotion, all you have to do is to actually experience it first-hand! Make sure to keep an eye on the restrictions placed on any promotion that you accept. For example, you may or may not be able to withdraw winnings since some sites will only offer them as a bonus to get people to deposit once the free play promo is gone. This is done so that players do not take unfair advantage of sites and end up bankrupting them. If you are confident that the terms and conditions in question are fair and you can handle them, then why not jump in and have fun?

Accepting a Free Play Promo or Not

Always keep in mind that you are not obligated to accept any type of promotion at an online casino. Indeed, many players choose to simply deposit and play without any bonuses at all to avoid dealing with requirements that can sometimes be overwhelming. Free play bonuses are definitely unique when compared to other online casino offers and that can confuse some players. As we said, one of the main benefits here is that you will get to play without having to initially spend any money at all and that in itself is plenty of good reason to go for one of these offers; but, of course, the decision is ultimately yours.

As mentioned above, free play bonuses are very much like no deposit offers and you might want to consider one of these if the terms and conditions of free play bonuses seem too complicated to you. However, you should know that free play bonuses can be very lucrative for players who learn how to use them properly and have luck on their side as well!