How Free Play Wagering Requirements Influence Your Casino Experience

Online casino bonuses can be pretty exciting. Especially when they come with the promise of betting on your favorite slots or game categories and also happen to be impressively generous too.

However as always, taking a close look at the terms and conditions which come with them is highly recommended. Particularly since they will influence your overall experience of betting at the gambling website both in terms of selected titles and even your expenditure.

We shall be taking a look at free play bonuses as well as the importance of their wagering requirements.

Free Play Bonuses: A Brief Introduction

Free Play Wagering Requirements

Bonuses in this category are a specific kind of promotion which are renowned for their generosity as well as their rather short validity period - in certain cases, they may expire following an hour.

In order to activate the reward, clients will be required to first register at the virtual betting establishment which offers them and then opt for a real money account. They will also be required to key in the bonus code in order to activate the promotion.

Another aspect of these casino rewards is their generosity: amounts as high as $1,500 may be offered.

The countdown begins immediately the bonus code is activated and the client will need to wager the entire sum and attempt to bag an impressive win during the specified period.

Free Play Bonuses: Benefits

In spite of the rather brief duration permitted to take advantage of promotional offers in this category, these rewards come with a number of benefits including:

Impressive figures: These bonuses are capable of holding up when compared to other bonuses that are offered more frequently by virtual gambling establishments and may even be as high as $500 or even $1,500. A wide selection of games: Certain betting websites that offer these bonuses will permit clients who opt for them to wager on a wide range of games ranging from card games to slots. As a result, a seasoned casino fan will have the opportunity to bag a huge win without having to spend any of their own cash in the first place.

Free Play Wagering Requirements

wagering requirements

These conditions may be considered to be one of the most important bonus terms associated with these promotional offers. They refer to the amount you will need to bet before an online casino will permit you to withdraw any winnings you have earned from bonuses in this category.

The sum can often be worked out by multiplying the amount accepted by the client and a set figure specified by the virtual betting establishment.

The amount tends to vary depending on the bonus and the casino in question. However, lower figures are preferable to higher numbers since they will mean you need to spend less to fulfill the bonus term.

For example, if you opt for a $500 free play bonus, which comes with a value of 25x, the amount you would be required to wager would be:

25 x 500 = $12,500

However, if that amount was 50x, you would be required to bet:

50 x 500 = $25,000.

As can be seen, the latter figure is actually double the former and demonstrates why selecting lower values is preferable.